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Cornwall, United Kingdom

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Joanna Bury

Joanna Bury

Designer / Maker of innovative jewellery concepts that incorporate new technology and mixed media.

Joanna Bury's Expertise

DESIGNER NAME: Joanna Bury BACKGROUND: Joanna studied for a BA in Fashion Design and went on to specialise as a Lingerie Designer; she worked in the industry for 7 years primarily based in the UK, China and New York. Whilst living in New York and researching trends within the lingerie design industry Joanna began to search for a new direction, a direction that involved more hands-on creativity. Jewellery design seemed a natural progression and it became apparent that this was an area that Joanna could focus her ‘attention to detail’ upon. After discovering the Silversmithing and Jewellery degree Joanna relocated from New York to Cornwall to take up full time studies and complete the degree.