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Kira Goodey

Work overview

Kira Goodey and design partner Tane Andrews are begining to make a splash in the fashion world. Their loveable label, Of Cabbages & Kings, was a finalist in the fashion section of the Qantas Spirit Of Youth Awards and Design Now; Object Award, and now they are about to make an even bigger impact with the imminent launch of their new winter 08- 09 collection, All The Queens Men. What began as a kitsch dalliance into designer jewellery has now become a full scale love affair, one draped in elegant new garments ready to be released this coming winter. Of Cabbages & King originally hit the scene with adorably macabre acrylic pendants featuring body parts and delicate pink translucent foetuses. However, serious critical acclaim hit with their second jewellery collection, The Collector. Here, beautifully detailed insect broaches and pendants were found wound within threads of beaded chain. The result was instantly breathtaking, astounding and forthright in its endeavour. Now they are set to stun again with All The Queen's Men. It is the first time Andrews and Goodey have ventured into the construction of clothes and what a rewarding adventure it has proven to be. The entire collection is one of exaggerated silhouettes rendered in pre-Raphaelite ruffles, with blood splattered medieval corsetry meeting buttoned leggings and high waisted, billowing jackets. 'We started from romantic paintings and pre-Raphaelite images,' explained Andrews in regards to his labels bold new collection. 'We were looking at the suggestive and sexual nature of these works, and the really subversive sexual nature in a lot of those pictures, and how they suggested but never really told it.' In total this collection features six full looks, which comprises over 16 individual garments. These include three men's pants, three women's bottoms, one full piece outfit and a series of trans-seasonal unisex pieces, such as singlets, jackets and the like. Add beautiful fabric chain scarves and the overall statement is dramatic, daring and depraved, but wonderfully so. It is a collection sure to set Of Cabbages & Kings on a path that will lead this design duo right to the international stage. For a list of full stockists visit or over the coming weeks, especially to witness the launch of this highly intriguing and anticipated new range of work.

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