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Victoria Scott

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Vicky Scott is a freelance illustrator based in South East London, where she lives with her boyfriend Chris and a lot of coloured paper! In 2004 she graduated from the University of Brighton with a BA Hons in Illustration. Since graduation she has completed designs for Paperchase, You Magazine, the Almanac Gallery amongst others. She also has exhibited with the Affordable Arts Fair Battersea, the Mushroom Works Newcastle and Ferreira Projects in Hoxton. In 2008 her artwork was featured in Illustration & Play(by Victionary) featuring illustrators such as Rob Ryan who use collage in their work and Computer Arts Projects. Vicky’s work is inspired by the 1920’s, fashion, found images, humour, psychedelic 60’s art and often just pure fantasy. Her style is characterized by her use of silhouettes, organic forms (and cute animals!) and always has an uplifting feel. She works with a mixture of traditional paints, paper collage and fabric as well as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Education / Qualifications

09/01/2001 - 07/31/2004

University of Brighton


BA Hons Illustration




Ability to problem solve creatively

I designed the home page for a new website providing information on helping university and school students improve their skills. The brief was to design a map with buildings on that represented school subjects and 4 areas school, university, employment and tutorials. Skills used in this project were coming up with a creative solution to the clients problem( by suggesting the buildings could be represented by graphs, calculators and bee hives) and balancing the clients need to create informative and easily recognisable graphics, alongside my illustration style. I also needed to liaise with staff from the university in the capacity of both art direction and more technical details (e.g. website issues).


07/01/2013 - Present

UK Elephant Parade


Artist & Designer of one of the selected elephants


UK wide

At the end of 2009 I submitted a design proposal to the Elephant Family, of my painted on a template. My design was subsequently accepted for the London Elephant Parade and I completed my painting called Flocking to the City on a life size model of a baby elephant in 2010. Apart from improving my painting skills I also gained confidence and awareness of working on a very large scale, had some experience of working in a studio environment (alongside 10 other artists whom I shared a studio with) and built upon my experience of promoting myself as an artist. My design proved popular, was made into a miniature collectable, was sold at auction and enabled me to be asked back in 2011 to take part in their next project (The Big Egg Hunt) and the current UK Elephant Parade.