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Kelle Pearce


I've recently graduated from Northumbria University with a 2.1 in Fashion Marketing- I have loved every minute of studying on such a varied and creative course, but am now eager to put my skills into use and hopefully begin a career that I am passionate about. My skills include illustration, photography, and graphics, and I can efficiently use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. For my final major project, I produced a glossy magazine, which showcases my eye for graphics, layouts and typography, as well a natural flair for writing. I also enjoy trend prediction and concept generation and realisation- I have a good knowledge of design processes; from concept, to deign and production, through to promotion, branding and marketing. I have completed placements with Levi's Europe in Brussels and in London, which have both given me an understanding of how large fashion companies work, and have fuelled my drive to work within the industry. I spent my time with Levi's in the PR department, and have since been paid to complete freelance work; helping to write and edit press releases. As much as I enjoyed my time in Brussels, my aim is to move down to London as soon as possible- I find a lot of my inspiration in the city. My dream is to be able to work for a magazine; to be able to use my love of graphics, photography and journalism to build a successful career that challenges me... and that I enjoy! (to see more images of my magazine go to

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