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James Malcolm-Green


In and out of school workshops for as long as I can remember, my privileged education exposed me to design from an early age. With a keen eye and enthusiasm (inherited from my photographer father) for good design, be it aesthetic or functional and more often than not both, I am uncompromising with my approach to the designed object. I admire contemporary designers such as BarberOsgerby, Maarten Baas and Fredrikson Stallard as well as the clever simplicity employed by the likes of Sebastian Bergne and Droog. Work experience with SeymourPowell and more recently with JosephJoseph has only confirmed my ambition to be a product designer and I am presently working on a number of freelance projects as well as recently being shortlisted for the current Oakley Design Brief competition (results to be announced). For my own work I choose to draw upon intelligent observations before creating an unexpected, uncomplicated and sometimes witty solution. As an ambitious, confident and enthusiastic designer, I am willing to get stuck into any situation and make the most out of it, believing there is no sense in immersing oneself in idleness or misery. It is my ambition, in time, to be considered a champion of great British design, I want to be at the forefront of my trade and to create beautiful objects that people want, need and use. I do not wish to create just for the sake of creating; it is my intention to design objects that at the very least people appreciate, for that is one good reason to wake up in the morning with a smile

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