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manchester, United Kingdom

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Greig Alderman

Greig Alderman's Expertise

Greig Alderman is a Manchester based designer and maker working within the boundaries of Contemporary Jewellery. Using a diverse palette of techniques and materials Grieg produces bespoke designs, which are often entirely unique or limited to a small batch run. Grieg’s work is highly original, modern and irrevocably beautiful. Greig believes that it is his business to reveal truths about the world in which we live, or lead us to new and imaginative considerations of the universe and its inherent mysticism. Greig is an early career artist with a growing portfolio of local and international clients, he is an indubitable talent.


01/11/2011 - Present

Cabbage is King




Jewellery Designer & Maker

Skilled in all aspects of jewellery making, including hand modelling, casting, fabrication, stone setting and rapid prototyping.