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London, United Kingdom

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Aiste G

Illustration/Murals/Pattern design/Tattoo design/Portraits

Aiste G's Expertise

My artist name is Aiste G, I create Illustrations, murals,pattern design. I have started my education and career in arts since 1994. Through my art I am trying to break through the mass illusion of ‘existing normal’ by exploring my own imagination and translating every day experiences with added wonders of my own mind. I embrace, and through my art try to encourage others to embrace, the childlike sense of wonder. I view the world as a new born with thousands of questions and an urge to explore and experience as much as I am able to, keeping the true self as pure as possible without outside influence. I love to learn new ways of expression through arts, this way I am finding a new self and a refined view to what I already know.