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Clare McNulty

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Designer/Networker at Smarter Than Ltd Freelance Artist Sculptor Expressive Creative Group Facilitator Wet-Film Photographer Music Maker Mental Health Nurse Agent of Change.

In the not too distant past I studied New Media and then went onto work as a Freelance Visual Artist / Film-Maker with The Kurdish Arts Council. Following on from that I started teaching wet-film photography. My most precious camera is an old Fuji Instax, simply due to the delight filled fact... I love every time bled picture the brick delivers. I adore anything analogue. My birthday brought me joy in the retro shape of an Omnichord OM27. Since which I have started to make my own music... properly. Using Logic and experimenting with MAX/MSP and an old Magnus organ. I am a singer. I sing with Manchester International Festival's mixed faith, sacred sounds women's choir. I am a published writer and poet. I have a small new studio now, so I have more space for vision. Having a place to work is an amazing luxury. My personal projects at present involve lost wax and ink work. I'm also working on a series of feminine etchings, documenting a fictional family tree of people who have touched me. With my sculptural work, I hope to raise a greater awareness of environmental issues. I'm am currently taking a box of sculpted silver bees and wildflower seeds to various galleries and museums in and around Manchester, I am donating ten percent of proceeds to various bee charities. My art is not pretentious. It is significant and attractive and inclusive.

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