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03/05/2012 - 09/05/2012

Editz Design and Post Production

I worked as a runner at Editz Design and Post Production for 6 months. My duties included:

• Ensuring the smooth running of the post production process by carrying out a range of day to day office based duties e.g. ordering lunches, answering the telephone and maintaining the edit suites. 
• Liaising with clients and artists confidently on a daily basis
• Excellent organisational skills demonstrated through carrying out administrative duties, such as creating spreadsheets, photocopying and filing. 
• Responsible for booking travel and accommodation
• Assisting with diary management and bookings
• Good ability to budget and manage petty cash
• First-rate communication skills demonstrated by distributing post and messages to colleagues within the post production team.
• Responsible for organising couriers, logging drives, recording outgoing mail e.g. invoices, and delivering packages to local clients. 
• Supporting cast and crew on film shoots


09/20/2010 - 07/15/2011

The Mancunion

I gained the position of Media and Tech editor of the University of Manchester’s student newspaper after writing for the section for a year:
• Excellent writing skills and exceptional attention to detail demonstrated by writing, editing and publishing articles, such as television/radio show reviews and interviews with people from the TV industry.
• First-rate research skills gained through researching ideas for articles and potential interviewees of whom would appeal to the target audience. 
• Good leadership skills gained through managing the Media and Tech team, recruiting writers, and holding weekly meetings.
• Excellent team work skills developed through working with editors from other sections and writing material for them, e.g. the music section. 
• Ability to meet deadlines demonstrated every week as well as the ability to work in a pressurised, fast paced environment. 


10/03/2011 - 10/28/2011

The One Show, BBC


Media City

I gained a placement at The One Show, BBC Manchester, and carried out 4 weeks work experience:

First-rate research skills demonstrated through working with the development team; offering and researching film ideas, taking part in team brainstorms, attending commissioning meetings, and finding potential interviewees and case studies to take part in the films.
Excellent organisation skills developed through logging and managing rushes after a shoot, organising tech reviews, as well as supporting the office based team with administrative duties, such as organising The One Show’s contacts in a database. 
Good practical experience gained through acting as a runner on film shoots and sitting in the edit for a film. I was also given the opportunity to go to The One Show studio in London and experience the production of one of the live shows.  
Excellent knowledge developed through completing a number of BBC courses and training, an induction to Research Gateway and attending a DV Solutions seminar to develop my camera skills. 

Noise Achievement

10/20/2012 - 10/20/2012

Bury Light Night

I helped to coordinate the Bury Light Night project where NOISE collaborated with Bury Council to create an exclusive display of lights, music and poetry by three emerging, international artists, handpicked from the NOISE website. Using the Blackpool Illuminations Bus, the specially commissioned piece delivered a fantastic display of light and sound based on the rich history of Bury’s Transport Museum, suitable for all ages to enjoy.

The Blackpool Illuminations Bus, sited opposite the Transport Museum, spectacularly projected across the facade of the building with images produced by Pakistani visual artist Zikra Baloch, a previous NOISE festival winner who is currently based in Lahore. Zikra’s exclusive visual piece was accompanied by a unique sound commission by two local North-West artists.  Andy Chandler, originally from Stockport, collaborateed with Manchester-based Somaliartist Yusra Warsama to produce a musical piece involving poetry and beats in a specially commissioned track.

Education / Qualifications

09/22/2008 - 07/15/2011

The University of Manchester


2.1 BA (Hons) Geography

•    Developed excellent knowledge and understanding of key concepts in geography
•    Specialise in place imagery after carrying out my dissertation on this subject 
•    Good communication skills gained through group presentations, negotiation exercises, role-playing and debates 
•    Writing skills developed through producing essays and reports
•    Developed planning and organising skills and the ability to prioritise effectively as deadlines for work were always met 
•    First-rate team work skills gained through regularly working in small groups on projects, for example planning a ‘creative solution’ for a current environmental/societal problem. These types of projects also developed good ability to solve problems and think critically, analytically and creatively.   

Noise Achievement


Project Coordinator

I started working for NOISE in September as a Project Coordinator and have developed so many new skills in just one month! From writing press releases and newsletters to helping coordinate the Bury Light Night project, I have gained a lot of experience and hope to gain a lot more in the exciting upcoming projects NOISE has planned for 2012/2013.

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