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Abbey Furniss

designer / photographer / painter / illustrator


The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. - Aristotle

I am a young student in their second year of study on a Visual Arts course at the University of Salford. I am eager, enthusiastic and always extremely excited to learn. Learning and experimentation is a key element within my current practice; as i am still exploring what kinds of art set my clock ticking, so to speak. The two major themes that have ran through my personal practice within the past few years are as followed: Political angst and a deep, passionate, love of colour. My current line of creation is exploring psychedelia, and use of intense colour as a means of illustrating another reality to those who can't see it. I pride myself on my self-belief and gut instinct, i think that if something feels right to me, then i should run with it (its got me this far after all). I pride myself even more however on my ability to take constructive criticism, and listen to the advice of those who are more experienced than i am.

What's Happening


One Night Stand (2013)


artist, exhibiting film


Islington Mill, Salford

On the 2nd of May, 2013, i exhibited a film piece (created by me and fellow Salford artist, Lestat Valentine) at the one night only exhibition at Islington Mill, entitled "One Night Stand." The exhibition was hosted by a large group of artists from the university of Salford's visual art course. 


"L'epidemie" was a short, black and white film produced by myself and fellow artist Jamie Wilson (more publicly known as Lestat Valentine) in late 2012/early 2013. The film was was an angry and slightly disturbing statement about the ongoing mistreatment of young women in both the sex industry and society as a whole. The film depicted a young woman, clothed in only her underwear, smearing "menstrual blood" (a mix of syrup, flour, food coloring and hot chocolate powder) which is pouring from her lower orifices, across her torso and over her limbs.  




The Land Under Our Feet 2013
Untitled 2013


1) Art over pride and modesty




2) Art over common sense


most of the time.


3) Art over free food



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