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Born 1982 in Devon Abby graduated from Somerset College of Art; while a student her work was published in The Face, Soon after the Exclusive Wellington Club in Knightsbridge commissioned a series of paintings. Famously just 4 months before the Iraq war they also purchased 'foreign policy' a painting that nearly cost Abby her advertising degree. Based on an open brief for her final major the then student devised a campaign against the opposition party. Abby painted President Bush; his head crudely positioned onto a dominatrix, spanking a grinning Tony Blair on all fours. It wasn't long before members, including Damien Hirst commented on the piece. Since then she has exhibited across London. Abby's pieces are typically painterly, using a melting pot of bold and impressionist strokes which encapsulate both narrative, and figurative subject matter. Her work has become increasingly personal and the artist has found a new voice delivering devastating effects demonstrated in 'My Desire' 2005. This piece depicts a love triangle including the artist herself as Zeus, her lover and his wife. Her work is all at once suggestive and enshrouded - a powerful combination that gives her work great graphic impact, with reverberance. The Hospital Group, founded by Dave Stuart and Paul Allen recognized her as an emerging artist and offered her founder membership, She will exhibit there this year. In September Abby was invited by the Design & Artists Copyright Society (DACS) to present a petition to the Prime Minister regarding the Artist Resale Right and was later interviewed by the BBC. Legislation is now in place. 2006 is an exciting year for this young artist, she has found in painting her true m?tier. The artist exhibits a range of new works in her first solo show at the Adam Street Gallery, Strand. In April she will exhibit with leading contemporary art gallery West Eleven based in Notting Hill; & this summer at the Hospital.

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