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Holmes Chapel, United Kingdom

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Adam Smith


The Skinless Finger seen today has only been together since January '07, and their mesmerising live shows are becoming something of. Blending Hip Hop and Funk with undertones of Ska and Rock, this innovative four-piece transcend genre-definition and are still able to play in front of any audience anywhere. Vocalist Ash P has in himself an array of talents to dazzle any crowd with, with his tongue lashing of lyrics, the litres of pure charisma oozing out of him, his switching from beatboxing to rapping at a flick of a wrist to astound any audience. Bassist Gaz is the most recent addition to the line-up, and has brought a new outlook as to how Skinless Finger can build on their ever-growing fan base, and with outrageous fills at nigh-on-sub audio levels, Gaz brings a heavy edge to the band whilst still being a bit of a legend with the odd solo. Then we have his 6-string companion, Adds, who has become adaptable to the ever-evolving designs of the Skinless Finger sound, as well as being a bit of a dab-hand when it comes to the rock out with your cock out guitar solo. Last but not yeast, we come to the creature that isthe drummer. Known by the police as Phil, this particular skin-beater has evolved from roots in samba to full drum kit, which he has been playing since the tender age of 13 (48 in drummer years), and has been known to dabble in rock, jazz, funk and hip-hop. Skinless Finger are one of the most promising young bands around at the moment, with an ear for a tune and unparalleled style of their own, accompanied by a thirst for success and hunger to be heard, this is definitely a band to keep tabs on at all times.

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