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09/24/2012 - Present

Engage With Media


Clifton Junction House

Engage With Media is a social enterprise that was started by media professionals and offer video production and training services. Since September 2012, I have joined their team as a Volunteer Graphic Designer. Since then, I have designed a variety of different images, including their logo, Facebook banners, their official website banner, and business card. In order to see some of the examples of work that I have done here, I have uploaded some examples of the work that I have done on here.


National Extended Diploma In Media

Where from:

Pendleton Sixth Form College

This two-year course at Pendleton Sixth Form college contained 18 units that we had to complete to the best quality that we can. This course involved creating a radio drama, animation, short film, magazine front covers, and loads of other media products. For this course, I was able to achieve a Distinction overall.


Adobe Illustrator

I have just recently started to use Adobe Illustrator, so I would still class myself as a beginner to the program. I have been able to create logos and other vector images using it, and they are at a high standard. In order to gain more experience with the program, I have been using it more often, and have been able to get some more practise on it.

Turn It Up


Video Editing

Whilst at college, I have been editing some video game clips (e.g. Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy VII series) to music tracks in order to gain more experience in video editing. In order to get some feedback from my projects, I created my own YouTube channel and posted my projects on there. Since it has been created, my YouTube channel has been able to gain a total of over 5,500 video views and 17 subscribers. If you would like to view any of my videos, here is the link to my channel:


Intermediate PhotoShop

I first used Adobe PhotoShop quite a few years ago whilst I was at college, and I immediately gained a passion for it. Since then, I have created a large amount of images using this program, and have learnt how to use the tools and settings on there in order to create an effective and high-quality image. One example of an image that I have created using this program is a desktop wallpaper that I have created, which is of a silhouette of a tree in front of a night sky. For this image, I used the Gradient tool, Brush tool, Pen tool and adjusted the layers by using Blending Options (e.g. a slight outer glow on some of the stars in the background).

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