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amy rodford


From a young age I have been fascinated by underwater life, the movement underwater is so different from that on land. Underwater gravity works in different ways so forms twist and turn in different directions and is not determined by the laws that gravity holds on land based organisms. I love the feeling of being under the water, weight becomes irrelevant, a wonderful feeling of being so light and free. It is theses feelings that have become very important within my work. My glass suggests this idea of freedom and weightless. The pieces of glass are almost breathing and growing upwards, as if they are competing for sunlight. Throughout the project it was important that the glass retained an essence of these references rather than being explicit- the idea of fluidity and grace. They are abstractions of forms from the fish. To imply subtleties of movement and collective visual impact, but not being relying on realism. Glass whilst it is hot is a very fluid form, to execute these ideas in this median is appropriate because of its ability to capture a sense of colour, weight, gravity and movement. This flexible material is ideal to explore the ideas how these interrelate as a whole. Being free with the glass is key to achieving the best of the organic qualities that it holds. Allowing the glass to work with itself and trying be as hands off as possible. Not working too much with it, using natural forces such as gravity to help you work with the piece. The glass is blown to give shape to its form, and then is simultaneously stretched into the curves that I desire. While the pieces are being made I am constantly thinking about the keeping the feeling of weightlessness. In this body of work I want my passion for glass and nature to come together, glass which brings the visual sensations of aquatic life into a series of decorative objects which invigorate and excite the viewer. I enjoy how these glass forms interact with each other, to create a weightless feeling of sea currents moving the forms around.

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