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Photographs are observations of form, colour, social interactions, spontaneous moments, nostalgia and context. They are evidence of a response to social and emotional surroundings. An interest in many aspects of society and environment lead to the discovery that the photographic medium is a versatile tool for examining the ambiguities of experience. Domesticity and perceptions of 'home', youth culture, situation, intriguing characteristics, surreal spaces, sexuality, dirt, 'skanky' residue of an urban life, the aesthetic appeal in unpleasant situations, elevating the mundane through composition, selection and presentation of an image: All these areas link together and interact through emphasis on aspects like coincidence and encounter. Photography's power stems from the emotions evoked in both the subjects portrayed and the viewer. Through capturing these emotions and observations photography can describe but not explain, so from where do the explanations come? Reality is multi layered so no image can be reduced to a definite category. Baudrillard asserts in 'The Hyper-realism of Simulation' that "Unreality no longer resides in the dream or fantasy, or in the beyond, but in the real's hallucinatory resemblance to itself. Tantalisingly implying that that which we may suppose to be unreal or fantasy is actually reality or visa-versa. Even whilst in the midst of a real situation, the camera acts as a dimensional shield, distancing the photographer from the present. The photographer exists not entirely in the present but mentally projects the moment into the future when the image will be revisited. Paradoxically they capture their own 'shadow' in that reality due to the very existence of the photograph, reaffirming their presence in the moment. After the initial documentation process images are examined, edited and arranged. The result is a plane of reality particular to the photographer's vision, which exists in a tangible form but is diverse and hovers somewhere between cultural documentary and an intimately tinted fantasy land. The images create a reality specific to the photographer. Education Bath Spa University Graduated 2006 with First Class Hons BA in Fine Art (Media) Exeter College 2002-2003, Diploma in Foundation Studies in Art and Design Employment Self employed Fine Art Photographer 2007 present Curator/Photographer for Sense Magazine December 2007 Occasional Gallery Assistant Vilma Gold December 2007 - present Curator and Designer for UK Centre for Carnival Arts, September - October 2007 Course Director for photography course, Dartington Summer Youth Programme, July 2007 Freelance Photographer: Live shows and album artwork for bands; photography for artists' websites; documentation of events and exhibitions. 2006 Present. Gallery coordinator, Section Six Gallery, London E2 2007- present Support teacher for English Language: taught students aged 3 11, December 2006 June 2007. Collegio Santiago Apostle (Madrid, Spain), Curator Bath Plug (large scale group show) London 2006 Gallery Assistant, Artspaces. (Art Placement Business), Devon. July - September 2005 Guest Lecturer for photography students. King Edward VI College (Totnes) July 2004 Artist in Residence for 3 day workshop. Ridgeway School, (Plymouth) July 2002. Shows Circle Community Projects, 341 Finchley Road,Camden, London, NW3 6ET, 'Climate for Change' February 2008 Voila Gallery, 1a Turvillle St, East London 'RYGB' January February 2008 Awarded the gallery space for a solo show George Tavern, Commercial Rd, East London. December 2007 'Gothic Projection' Slide projection at 'The Country Club', Experimental music, film and art night The Photographers Gallery, 5/8 Great Newport St, London Wc2H 7HY, November December 2007 'What Haunts you - Helen Marshall Group Project' Small print. Four Corners, 121 Roman Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 OQN October 2007 Exhibition of work from photographers professional development programme. Section Six Gallery, 87 Redchurch St, London E2 7DJ October 2007 'Untitled' (Broken Glass Installation) Collaboration with Sculptor Patrick Goddard. Section Six Gallery, 87 Redchurch St, London E2 7DJ 'The Capsule Series' Four-part collaborative installation project with Dorothee Perin July September 2007 The Flavel , Flavel Place, Dartmouth, Devon, TQ9 9BN 'Art at the Flavel' (Artspaces Exhibition) August September 2007 Caipirina, Salamanca, Spain 'Y Ahora con Nuevas Aventuras' April 2007. Photography in 3 formats; slide show, mounted in small found frames and A4 size print series. Truman Brewery Brick Lane, London June 2006 'Bath Plug' Large scale group show. Sommerset Place, Bath Spa University, Bath. 2006. Degree Show Walcot Chapel, Walcot Gate, Walcot St, Bath, 2005 'Life as we know it' Group show with Lauren Porter, Dan Hampson. Rumor , 30 High St, Totnes, TQ9 5RY 2005 'Young Photographers of the South West' Amoeba, 10 Kings Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4AB, 2005 'Cuba and Africa' Photography Amoeba, 10 Kings Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4AB 2005 'Something About Burlington Bertie' 2005 Central Bar, 10 Upper Borough Walls, Bath, 2005 'Under the Influence' Central Bar, 10 Upper Borough Walls, Bath 2005 'Photographs' Rumor , 30 High St, Totnes, TQ9 5RY 2005 'Young Photographers of the South West' Rumor , 30 High St, Totnes, TQ9 5RY 2004 Youth Culture' Handmade Books and Photo-Journal Magazines 'Alternative Readings #1' 2008 'Weird Collections' 2008 'RYGB Catelogue' 2008 'Living Room' 2007 'Squat' 2007 'Live Music'. 2007 'Zap Madrid' 2007 'Bright Sharp World,' 2007 'In Case' 2007 'Being In Madrid' 2007 'Skanky Corner' 2006 'Washed Up' 2006 'City' 2006 'Untitled' (2) 2006 'Untitled' (1) 2006 Selected Publications 'Metro' Newspaper, 19 Feb 08 (documentation of the art-squat scene- photographs) 'Irk' magazine (single image) Dec 2007 'Cold Fringe' magazine (documentation of 'Capsule Series project )

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