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Ashley Hicklin


Sporting a worn-out chocolate waist-coat, tartan flares and a ruby-red paisley tie for a belt, Ashley Hicklin is certainly a quirky little character. He could well have just stepped out of a classic novel imagine Dickens smothered in Bronte romanticism, with a contemporary twist folksy Irish blood, a Northern English heart and a classical training in operatic vocal performance. Here is a devastatingly talented singer-songwriter living in a secret 'never-never' land of his own "Parrysland the string-quartet-based debut record in which lullaby dreams can swiftly dissolve into nightmarish realities. With a distinct vocal twang, a battered old grand piano, twinkling bells, 60s acoustic guitars, celtic harps, lyrical oboe, a driven rhythm section and the notoriously raucous string quartet, Ashley Hicklin & The Troubadours have carefully sculpted rootsy and heart-warming songs into a timeless sound-world of orchestral pop majesty a dynamic musicality that speaks compassion and sensitivity. Yet, in a life consumed by divergent musical adventures, Ashley's tale is no text-book singer-songwriter progression; as a successful classical composer, he grafted his way into the highly revered ranks of Leeds College of Music alumni, having concert-hall works premiered by the world-renowned classical ensembles he aspired to - Whilst waving a baton at the likes of London Sinfonietta, the Goldberg Ensemble and the Apollo Saxophone Quartet, this natural, prodigious young talent was synonymously forging himself a solid reputation as a mainstream meets leftfield songster, gigging up and down the country in a rusty 1969 camper van, both as a solo artist and with his trusty Troubadours. From the Royal Albert Hall to the Carling Academy, Ashley found himself in a dual-purpose musical lifestyle, living in Leeds, but working in the heart of London's vibrant music scene. With the backing of a new management deal, the band have subsequently relocated to the capital, and will blitz the city of smoke with memorable live showcase dates in some of the UK's most prestigious music industry venues. Back in Leeds, acclaimed producer Will Jackson (known for his work with Coldplay, Embrace, Kaiser Chiefs) is sprinkling fairy-dust on the debut album, a record co-produced and self-financed by Ashley himself alongside life-long believer Bruce J. Woods. The Major Labels and Publishing A&R reps are circling, and Ashley is very proud to be working closely with KRMB Management, building a secure international team to support his project and the great things to come. The eagerly awaited single Home is due for release on November 3rd 2008, with a launch-party and tour-dates not to be missed. More information about Ashley Hicklin & The Troubadours can be found here:

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