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Asif (Mubarak) Khan

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I am an architecture student and a student of life, looking for any experience to get my hands dirty. I can't wait to build the future.

My goals in life have lead me to pursue a career in architecture with a design philosophy I have developed throughout my undergraduate course. I enjoy the way materials connect and attach to one another and always have liked the idea of architecture expressing a combination of the light and the heavy through detail. There is beauty in structure and it can lead to its own form of aesthetics with simple or even complexity of joints. I don’t like to sugar coat what I think architecture is. It is an art as much as it is a science, It can be perceived as art by the person looking at it but must be a science in order to deal with climatic and other real issues that have a significant impact. I work fast independently and adjust my style and pace to the team, I'm not afraid to ask questions and contribute. Nevertheless I always listen to ideas careful not to cloud my judgement. I have always believed you should respect each person for who they are and who they can become regardless of what they do, therefore I do not underestimate anyone contribution. I don't worry about failure in life, but I don't let it become an excuse for not doing any work. If there is a 1% chance I will still put in 100%.

What's Happening


07/20/2013 - 08/10/2014

Awaiting Eyes Foundation

My tasks involved the translation of CAD drawings into 3D models. The work was carried out for a charity funded project for which a hospital in Pakistan was being built and I had offered to volunteer in order apply myself in a helpful manor during my holidays.


08/26/2013 - 09/06/2013

Cosmur Construction



This was a useful week for to peer into the construction industry and get a sense of how things operated.

My given tasks included: organising and compiling Instructions, organising data into databases and gathering information by communicating through the phone and email.

Education / Qualifications

03/01/2013 - 06/25/2014

Deakin University Exchange Abroad


BA Architecture


Geelong, Australia

Semester Abroad Exchange Programme

A more hands on course where students was encouraged to build.

I built a 1:5 model of a "techtonic" design project and a 1:20 model of a real house.
This gave me an opportunity to talk to different students and even play with some concrete.


Education / Qualifications

09/01/2011 - Present

University of Westminster


BA/ BSc Architecture 1st Class (Hons)



RIBA Part 

Design Year 2: Constance Lau - Studio 3

Design Year 3: Mike Guy – Studio 1



02/24/2014 - 02/28/2014

ScanLAB Projects


Bethnal Green, London

This unique experience gave me the opportunity to learn how to survey and scan using 3D scanning technology. I was delegated the task of rendering and animating data for the purpose of presentation to clients learning new skills and applying them quickly while at work.

I was given the opportunity to work with 3D scans from buildings such as Ennis House by Frank Lloyd Wright.


Detail Magazine - Best Architectural Design Detail

Where from:

University of Westminster


Key/ Technical Skills:

Good Working Knowledge of:

- Rhino 5 + Vray - 3D modeling 

- Vectorworks CAD & AutoCAD

- Adobe CS6 Creative Suite

- Ecotect Analysis

- Hand Modelling

- Hand Drafting

- MS Office

Some knowledge in:

- Revit 2014


Personal Skills:

- Determination in seeing the task out till its completion.

- Communication within groups/ teams.

- Flexibility in learning in changing environments.

- Creativity in providing solutions to unseen problems.

- Keen eye for detail.

Analytical modelOutstanding


Cosmur Construction Scholarship

Pyramus  Thisbe Concept model
Aquatic Theatre  Location Plan  Plans
Aquatic Theatre  Front Elevation  Long Section
A 110 Scale model of a real house spec
Aquatic theatre short technical Section
The System FacadeOutstanding
System Faade Section 120
Plan and Elevation of Portal Hole Bridge
Development Sketches 4Outstanding
System Facade Model
Development Sketches 3
Hourglass Book Stand
College Sketch
Folly at Saint Marys Church Battersea


Logo and Poster Competitions Winner

I have one several logo and poster competitions within the bourough and for various organisations inccluding designing tickets for events.


Business Award

Where from:

West London Academy

High School 2009 Business Award 

Boundaries of Motion Folly
Ferrofluid Testing


Ecotect Analysis

Some knowledge of BIM and Vasari


Hand Modelling & Hand Drafting

Education / Qualifications

Cambridge Summer Business School


Cambridge University


Adobe CS6 Creative Suite


Vectorworks CAD & AutoCAD


Rhino 5 + Vray - 3D modeling

Education / Qualifications

09/07/2009 - 07/01/2011

Richmond Upon Thames College, London,


A Level



A*: Art and Design

A: Mathematics

B: Physics

B: Chemistry

B: Further Mathematics (AS)


I aspire to make money but don't care for it.


Some of my "chances" worked out to into other things into the future; to this day I still go for whatever I can when I can.


I had no intention whatsoever to participate for an exchange programme; when I was asked I simply said yes without really knowing where or how I was going to be getting there.

Dream Job

International Architect

Work Availability

Available for

Full-Time, Part-Time, Consulting, Freelance, Internship/ Work Experience, Commission / One-off