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Summer 2001 Daniel Beckwith and William Clark formed a hip hop group called "BORSTAL" and started writing and recording songs on there personal computers with basic recording equipment. Then gradually got into more complicated software to record their material. They started entering there songs in to competitions and raidio stations, And one evening they got a phone call from Juice FM inviting them down to a 3 day interview and get 3 songs played live on air, Richard Morris wrote about them on Juice FM's site and said "Borstals music is very refreshing". The next radio air play came on the worlds biggest internet radio station AIIRADIO, They sent of one of there songs called "HELP ME" which was a anti-bullien song and the first week it was played made number 32 on the top 40 charts. The lads took a step back to work and improve their material and later come back with a song called "GIRL" which got entered number 1 on AIIRADIO's new chart entry's, They stayed on the top 40 charts for a consecutive 18 weeks. Borstal's main aim is to get a record deal so they can produce and record there material at a professional basis. They have been working very hard day in day out to acheive this goal, a record deal would mean the world to danny and will because they have put blood sweat and tears in to their music, All they need is one chance to prove to the world they have what it takes to be professional recording artists. The lads are at the final stage of putting the finishing touches to their album "NO OTHER WAY" the songs on this album have been been constructed with feelings and experiences such as, Recjection, Heart break, Being pushed away. The lyrics on these emiontal tracks that Borstal have done has caught peoples attention and formed a fast growing fan base, The people who listen to these songs can relate to because the lads carfuly construct their lyrics, But also on the album they have got upbeat songs which you can dance to on the dance floor.

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