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Barnsley, United Kingdom

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Bradley Phillip


Born in Leeds, in 1988 i was brought up in West Yorkshire, but circumstances led me to living in Barnsley. But to the interesting stuff. My hobbies are Painting, playing drums, buying cymbals and listening to all sorts of music ... but mostly jeff buckley.Art to me is about thinking and then making things out of those thoughts. like philosphy plus. i like to think abou the big questions in life and analyse the human condition, trying hopelessly to work it out, nd somehow catalogue what it is to be alive, to be me. I go to college in huddersfield, where i mainly do art. John, my art teacher, what can i say. More respect for this man than you know. Me being an artist is completely down to him. He got me into really thinking and appreciating things and that's led to me getting a place at the slade school of fine art,in London which is where im headed next, after exams, and partying. I'd better go revise.

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