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Manchester, United Kingdom

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Cealaigh Molden

Cealaigh Molden

Fine Artist / Photographer / Dreamer / Alternative


Avid Fine Artist, occasionally dabbling in photography. Alternative portraiture is my forte.

I am a 16 year old Fine Art/Photography student, currently studying A-Levels in college. My biggest dream would be to work with the game designers at the game company Square Enix, but in the nearer future, i am looking towards studying to be an Art Psychotherapist, helping others through creative means. I am strongly keen on and heavily influenced by Alternative styles, the darker, deeper side of things, and i love my Rock/Metal music.

What's Happening

Chris Cerulli Motionless
Tidus of Final Fantasy X

Education / Qualifications

North Chadderton


GSCE Fine Art- A GCSE Photography-A


Love Alternative Styles


Influenced by Punk Rock & Metal music

Dream Job

Character Designer for game company Square Enix or Photographer for Kerrang! Magazine

Work Availability

Available for

Part-Time, Internship/ Work Experience, Commission / One-off