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Charlene Grandison


C.Grand Boutique C.Grand is a boutique specialising in both men's and women's Couture Bespoke accessories. Ranging from bags to hats, gloves and jewellery, C.Grand's creations are original hand made luxury items. I offer the consumer innovative style and craftsmanship made to a high quality standard that not only lasts but with age can grow to become timeless vintage pieces. Rooted within the niche market, C.Grand aims to establish its self as a unique brand selling quality hand made original goods and with no specific age group, the brand seeks to appeal & offer its unique style to both youthful and mature buyers looking for something that has that little bit extra. Made In England- My products are about style as a function & the connection between dress & identity. Life + style = C.GRAND. Style for life X CAUTION - STYLE, NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED.

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