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London, United Kingdom

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Charlotte Ratcliff


The growing attention to new hybrid cultures and places creates contemporary disjointed areas, encapsulating both natural and urban aspects. This particular concern generates modern ‘in-between’ spaces or ‘non-sites’ expanding regions not belonging to any one subject, but positioned in the fringe connecting the two. My practice, residing in the field of painting attempts to illustrate these growing concerns, uniting elements of the organic and artificial. By the manipulation and collage of photographic references and additional source material, my paintings verge on the edge of fantasy and reality, incorporating areas of representation and heavy abstraction. Yet these studies retain a sense of place and structure, creating a play between flatness and the 3D. I attempt to intertwine components from various painting backgrounds, using traditional and contemporary painting methods and materials to create studies which include the concept of the hybrid.

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Blue Circle Study 2
Untitled 2 2009
Blue Circle Study 3 2009

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