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JinApril Son

I just graduated / being an artist and currently looking for jobs. I do paintings / vintage photograph and DJ. I can also produce an event for people who genuinely love art and music especially house/techno music. I know creative people to bring in my party because they are my friends and I know where they go to spend some time. And I want to have them at my event to give them a nice time. As long as there're great music with quality of sound and truthful art works / it brings good people in / to become one group. As one party on the same boat / art / music and people all together happen to create an amazing atmosphere which is like a breeze of culture.


I believe in culture. I believe the culture exist where all the boundaries between the black and the white broken down to, '0' point. And there's an enlightening light that can open humans eyes to see that we're all same and beautiful too. I love art and music equally. I am a visual artist and Vinyl house and techno music DJ and I have friends who are some very beautiful painters and DJs/musicians. I think I can do something like producing a party or festival where my insight for art and music can be at one place and function together. I can curate an art exhibition at the same time arrange a music festival. People who are going to come to my show would be all type of creative people like writers, visual artists, street artists, DJs and musicians and they are called a party.

I was born in 1987 on September 10th in South Korea. I moved to Chicago to go to art school in 2009 summer. Since then, I have been a painter, vintage photographer and house music DJ. I went to SAIC graduating in this summer but I wasn't really good student. I didn't have enough time for homework and writing because I had to paint, practice my own things and listen to music. When I traveled in Europe in 2012, me and my crew had no money no train ticket no place to sleep for 30days. We hitchhiked 11 different drivers to visit Barcelona, Madrid, Avignon, Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam and Berlin. I have been through tremendous culture shocks that changed my life as much as it changed my entire perception.

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