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claire atkinson


City life is millions of people being lonesome together" - David Henry Thoreau. I am interested at looking at isolation in public places, particularly within the city. I am fascinated by the way we utilise the space around us and distance ourselves from others in the process. For many, the city provides a backdrop to our daily lives, with an ever-changing cast of characters and stories. Whether we are alone or in groups, we occasionally find ourselves seeking refuge from the inevitable chaos of city life, and one another.

Quite often, street photography pays attention to extraordinary occurrences within a city. In contrast to the unusual and sometimes fantastical, Claire Atkinson manages to capture the more realistic, everyday perspective of the daily life of Manchester. Atkinson’s ever-changing ‘Manc’ characters and backdrops show Manchester for its true self. The delightful personalities to be found on public transport, the caffeine-addicts through steamy café windows and the rushing feet of business along rainy pavements. We are not only given a taste of Manchester, but a rushing, blurry, reflection of Britain as a grumpy, ageing, multicultural nation. Claire Atkinson is a Photographer and Visual Artist based in Manchester, England.

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