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Lizzie Campbell

Clay illustration / Illustration / Digital design / Character design / Portraiture / Sculpture


Hi there, I'm Lizzie and I'm a freelance illustrator specialising in clay and mixed media, based in a small village in Warwickshire.

Clay Disarray is the name of my studio. It's full of boxes of polymer clay, tools, props and other paraphernalia I use for my sets so it’s a right old nightmare to keep neat and tidy. Hence, Clay Disarray! I’ve always loved illustrating and after years of working in different creative mediums, I finally stumbled across the amazingness of polymer clay last year. I instinctively knew it was right for me, and I made the decision to work pretty much exclusively with polymer clay very shortly afterwards - and, based on the feedback I've received so far, it was definitely the right move for me as an illustrator. I enjoy working on a variety of creative projects, as it keeps my work fresh and imaginative - and I've included a few alt movie posters, as well as some 'polymer politicians' illustrations in my NOISE Festival portfolio to demonstrate the versatility of clay as a creative medium.

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Education / Qualifications

09/01/2009 - 06/30/2012

Warwickshire School of Arts


HND Visual Communication


Leamington Spa

Education / Qualifications

09/01/2012 - 06/30/2013

Birmingham Institute of Art & Design


BA (Hons) Visual Communication | Illustration




Clay Illustration

I specialise in polymer clay and mixed media illustration, alongside hand drawn and digital work.

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