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Daniel Hall


I graduated from the Nottingham Trent University last year with a degree in graphic design. When i graduated i wanted to indulge in my image making abilities and develop my skills as an illustrator further. Since then i have been taking advantage of the freelance opportunities which have arisen. I recently completed work for the charity ActionAid creating a motion i-dent for their bollocks to poverty campaign which will be airing at the summer festivals this year. I have also worked with the design agency Cimex creating some pixel art for a BBC pitch. I now work at the digital design agency Midas Collective. Influences: When i first started my degree i was a bit naive to the world of design so it's difficult to pinpoint a key reference as an influence as at that stage everything was so new and exciting. Now a lot of my illustration draws on the juxtapositions and transmutations of early surrealist artists, with a slight contemporary twist by mixing in modernist styles and digital collage techniques. Generally i am inspired by human observation and popular culture. Pixel Art: As a child of the eighties i grew up with a spectrum computer and have a strong nostalgia for early computer game graphics, in what was initially a quite a restrictive medium it still impresses me what early pixel artists achieved. When working on such a small scale pixel by pixel the artwork develops vector like qualities and gives a really polished result. Within this medium sometimes half the job is knowing what to leave out and how best to represent the details in each piece. I loved the game space invaders and really wanted to pay homage and create an illustration based on the game. I loved the typography of the game and represented it as best i could, pixel for pixel. The key to good pixel art is in the detail the more you add the more it enriches the piece and lets the audience come back viewing a second time to see what they missed. At this stage in my career i want to take advantage of any opportunity that may arise and gain some exposure. My passion is art and design and it is my ambition to carve a successful career out of it, i keep hold of the belief that anything is possible if you work hard enough and stay focused.

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