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Crawley, United Kingdom

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Dawn Ainley


I spend most of my time painting and drawing but I love photography and printmaking, in particular etching. Last summer I spent nine weeks working in Corsica, staying with a family and teaching their children English. (I am fluent in French) It was an amazing experience which introduced me to the joys of jet skiing! I am an active person who enjoys a range of sporting activities; I recently competed in the BUSA trampolining championships. I believe in the concept of Art Proper, which means that Art exists solely in the mind of the artist ; it is their mental experience. A work of art is born from the artist's attempts to understand, interpret, and share their mental experience. Colour has always been very important to me and in December I started using it to evaluate my emotions through a series of diary paintings, which I call mood boards. Every morning and every evening I assess and record my mood with one square of colour. Hence a visual diary is created. These mood boards relate to my main paintings as colours from them are used to help represent the emotional journey I'm experiencing at the time; my mental experience. My most recent work has become more abstract as I explore the relationship between colour, between line, and the inter-relationship between the two. Scale and its effects on these relationships interests me very much. As a young artist and graduate I am looking to pursue the development of my own work. I am looking for new fields of inspiration, and am very interested in working within local communities, continuing to be a part of an artistic and creative community, sharing knowledge, teaching, and developing new skills, all at the same time. I am looking for something challenging and rewarding.

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