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Bristol, United Kingdom

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Ðrojan Vega

Architect/Illustrator / Drawing Performer / Visual Artist


Drawing have being always a very personal way of expressing myself but by sharing my creations I discovered that there is actually people out there that empathises with my illustrations so they become a form of communication of relation with other humans. Indeed the best way I have to contribute to society.

Drawing and Illustration have been my companions since very early age. I have been exercising Architect for more than ten years, happily having the chance of working in projects related to culture, as exhibition pavilions and museums, and ephemeral artistic installations. Always intrigued about the relation between imagination and matter, in my youth I have followed various fine art and craft courses in Paris even before starting my architectural career. A part of being drawing and collaborating in architectural projects those years I always kept my relation to illustration and drawing in my personal artistic quest that I reflected in my researches in higher studies obtaining a PhD candidature in Visual Communication for Architecture and Design. More recently, my passion for projections (film) and murals (street art) merged influencing my current work committed to live digital drawings on projections, for music sessions, and live audiovisuals shows. My professional interests have been always related to visual arts, new technologies related to digital drawing and live visual performances, smaller or bigger. I am constantly in search for new and experimental forms of visual expressions from “basic” abstract, line shapes to complex pictorial compositions, photography, video, animation, generative visuals on any format, physical or digital. My architectural background offers me a sense spatiality, that informs my visual representations.

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