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Edgaras Siudikas


I have just successfully completed my Bachelors Degree at London Metropolitan University. Whilst in my last year at university I earned a unique opportunity to help and work with the first year students. My tasks included in helping them approach brief's, help generate ideas whilst understanding the context of the task. Also I had opportunities to present and talk about some of my work. I want to use this great experience for any future problem solving or jobs that may arise. As a young graphic designer learning my trade in 'exhausted' contemporary world I look for initiative ways of designing through minimalist approach. Simple helps you remember things and yet it can communicate through the appropriate medium in its context. I try to use wit whenever possible and never leave my house without a note pad. There are designers and philosophers that I look up to including Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Jan Tschichold and Chris Cunningham.

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Mary Poppins from Hell
Speed of the 21st Century
Speed of the 21st Century
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