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Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom

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Eleanor Greenleaf


Im fascinated by everything from biology to the vast expanse of space, and from the punk era to artists like Max Ernst, Wirrow and Kate Ragget as well as obscure artists found in backstreets and anything japanese. Im currently in my first year of A levels - biology, physics and art - as well as taking two extra courses in music and IT. Im not a genius i just find everything so intreguing to drop anything. Ive done two weeks of work experience at Land in 2008, where i helped design varieouse projects such as assisting with the graphics for The British Music Experience at the O2 center in London. Ive also worked for a company in Edinburgh where i created a paper animation for Road Safty In Schotland and another which was hand drawn on the computer for the NHS. I like to watch the dust fall as it catches the light, sketch website designs on discarded envelopes, rampage loudly along coridores, let my hand fly out the window of the car, write short stories and text them to random, numbers, eat chocolate spread with a spoon, pretend to be a tourist on the busy streets of london, take pictures of interesting looking doors with my poleroide camera, write lyrics, sing and play the piano in the early hours of the morning, and to sketch intreguing people on the train.

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