Artist/ Emma Cummins

Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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Emma Cummins


For the past two years my work has revolved around ideas on art, receivership and the processes of production. Heavily inspired by early Conceptual Art in the late sixties, my intentions are to create work which exists verbally as well as visually and relies directly upon viewers' interpretations. In this sense my work creates a proposition which involves rather than instructs the viewer encouraging conversation about art and its' journey from the private sphere of the studio to the public domain or gallery space. My degree show piece 'Where Art Lied' is a continuation of a series of studio interventions within Newcastle University's Fine Art department where students granted me access to their studio spaces and allowed me to carefully 'trace' around their artwork as it existed in the space. The artwork is then removed and replaced with a series of painted black voids which illustrate where art was as opposed to where it is. The photographic documentation of this process highlights were art existed in university art studios before it was removed from the site. These images are not restricted by any singular interpretation and instead exist most substantially in impalpable thought, the connotations of the work and viewer's individual interpretations.

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