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Sheffield, United Kingdom

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Emma Rybka


Hi there. I am a textile designer/maker/artist. I have a degree in Textile Crafts from Huddersfield University, specialising in printed fabrics. I mainly take inspiration for my work from the surrounding natural environment, but it is sometimes interspersed with elements from man-made surroundings. Throughout my work there is a growing awareness for the environment and I try to use recycled paper/fabrics whenever possible. My work is also mainly hand-made using techniqes such as batik, screen-print, tie-dye and devore. As well as printing and dying I am also passionate about paper making, book binding, drawing and painting. In the past several years I have had my work shown in Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield, and have done projects for textile companies such as Wools of New Zealand, Tigerprint and Gilbey & Cheyne. And I am currently designing cover art for local band.

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