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Lee is also now the editor of the digital version of the magazine fluxmagazine.com that was launched in 2010. Flux has now gone fully digital.

a culture, arts and fashion title that used to distribute 70,000 copies per issue across the UK and internationally. Established in 1997 by Lee and a co-director. The magazine started out as a 30 page fanzine sold only in Manchester city centre. The online magazine builds on the same quality led ethos of the paper version. We plan to bring our special paper versions of Flux though as we go forward but these will be more like one-off specials as we still love print.

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03/07/2000 - Present

Lee Taylor

He has managed projects for major commercial brands such as Nike, Absolut, Sony BMG, Diesel, Fred Perry, Stella Artois, Smirnoff and Philips.


Interview techniques

In his role at Flux, Lee has interviewed many internationally known figures as well as some more up and coming ones such as David Byrne, Marc Almond, Hurts, Ida Maria, Grandmaster Flash, Alexander McQueen, Mark E Smith, Jeff Noon, Tony Wilson and Vincent Galloewed.






Fluxings.com is an online site aimed at parents/relatives of children ranging from baby up to teen age. The site focuses on beautiful and exciting fashion alongside toys, books, arts, activities and holidays and was created by the founders of Flux magazine Lee Taylor and Claire Lomax, going live early May of 2011. 

Noise Achievement

01/01/2006 - 10/18/2006

NOISE Festival 2006 Curator for Zines

Lee Taylor joined fellow co-founder and Editor of Flux magazine Claire Lomax to Curate the Zines Category of the NOISE Festival 2006.

NOISE Festival 2006, the very first celebration of the UK's best emerging creatives, received 4,000 entries from across the country and was featured throughout the media, including BBC and MTV.

Lee and fellow Flux Magazine Editor and founder Claire Lomax joined the media and other NOISE Festival 2006 Curators at the official launch of the festival at TATE Liverpool.

Noise Achievement

02/01/2010 - 02/28/2010

Q & A Session with Peter Hook Noise Lab

NOISELAB (Market Street, Manchester) provided a venue where young creatives were given the opportunity to sell and exhibit their work, and to learn skills and gain career boosting advice from those in the know. Flux Magazine were invited to be the one of the monthly NOISELAB Guest Editors, during this time Lee Taylor hosted a Q & A session with Local-boy Peter Hook. This resulted in a sold-out, intimate chat about his prolific music career, from legendary bassist to venue owner.



Koppaberg Ün-establishment Creative Event


Guest Speaker



koppaberg Ün-establishment was a collective of one off creative events in Manchester & london hosted by the Swedish Cider, aimed to go against the grain of mainstream culture, targeted at people who are open minded and willing to take creative risks. The project was fronted by cultural figures (such as Flux) unafraid to go it alone in their own field who gave some genuine insights and valuable advice to young creatives starting out on their own paths.


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Lee has also written for Dazed and Confused & ASOS Online

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