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Garrity Photography

Hi my name is Steve Garrity; my passion for photography began 40 years ago when my dad bought me my first SLR camera. I had no idea how much photography would play in my life. I was totally hooked; I read up on photography and was influenced by the best pro photographers of that time people like Norman Parkinson, Patrick Litchfield, David Bailey, Terry O'Neil, Duffy and later Rankin. At first I would just take photos for my own pleasure I had a passion for portrait and fashion photography. Very soon I was asked to photograph, friends and family, and then friends of friends wanted their photos taken too. Finally I had found something that I enjoyed and was good at. A good friend suggested and encouraged me to setup up as a professional photographer.....the idea terrified me, but with a lot of support I eventually created Garrity Photography. 
From my small studio I do Portraits including pregnancy, babies and children, adults and Families. This list is not exhaustive and if you have an idea of what you want, feel free to contact me to discuss it.)

I try to minimise the amount of manipulation I do, but I believe manipulation is part of the photographer's art as much as darkroom work. As long as it starts with a photograph it is okay by me.

Please comment upon my photos, I am always looking for ways to improve my shots and would welcome any tips. All comments are welcome, especially critiques from which I can learn and hopefully improve.

I try to leave constructive critique on any photo I view (if possible). If you don't agree with what I say you can always ignore it.

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