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Lymington, United Kingdom

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Gemma Bullen


I use a combination of print and hand stitch to produce exciting and original themes for interior spaces. Geometry and bold shapes are a feature throughout my work.

I use a combination of print and hand stitch to produce themes for interiors. I am most inspired by my surroundings and like to capture this through photography, using these photographs to create drawings; I produce designs by hand and also using digital processes. My designs generally tend to be geometric, consistent with my chosen techniques, and they move from the realistic to the abstract during the development process. Hand stitched wallpaper was a strong focus of mine throughout my degree and, although time consuming, has given my designs a bespoke, high-end finish, making the them more personalised. Part of my process is to produce original designs in stitch or screen print, which would be customised to individual taste, but could then be developed digitally for a broader market.

What's Happening




After completing a Photography A Level, I became interested in it, and consider it to be a hobby, however the skill has helped greatly both when capturing photographs are inspiration and for photographing my own work


Time Management

I have always been one to plan ahead, however I really learnt how to do this once set projects with a strict time limit for which I had to plan every minute of my time effectively


Excellent Communication Skills

This was a skill that was was able to hone at university, having to present my work with confidence and explain exactly what I was doing and reasons why


Screen/Digital Printing

I became accustom to screen print using stencils during university, as this generally tended to suit my style of imagery well; when I had a more complex design I want to print, I turn to digital printing, this gives me the oppurtunity to show my digital design skills



I have extensively explored hand stitch into paper throughout my time at university, and I have also gained experience of machine stitch during this time


Digital Design

I create my digital designs primarily by using Photoshop, and a small amount of Illustrator in orde to refine my imagery

Education / Qualifications

10/04/2010 - 06/28/2013

Arts University Bournemouth


BA (Hons) Textiles



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Freelance, Commission / One-off