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Manchester, United Kingdom

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GHR Leeming

G. H. R. Leeming

Composer / musician / illustrator. Incorrigible degenerate.



Brighter Sound

I'm a musician and illustrator based in Manchester, UK. As a musician, I produce work under the alias Wilderness Hymnal, in collaboration with friends across Manchester and beyond. I have also composed music for the BBC and performed on BBC Radio Dramas including The Song of Hiwatha and The House of Bernarda Alba. As an illustrator and graphic designer I have created poster artwork for promoters including The Beauty Witch and Misanthropy Promotions, covering artists including Yob, Bongripper, Humanfly, Conan, Pallbearer, Ghold, The Cosmic Dead and From The Kites of San Quentin. My work has also extended to freelance design for the BBC and local charities across the North-West of England. I am available for commissions for gig posters, band merch, band logos, album art and layouts.

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Wilderness Hymnal  Arc
Wilderness Hymnal  Phosphor  Music Video

Dream Job

Film Composer/ Sound Designer. Freelance Illustrator. Touring Musician.

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Full-Time, Part-Time, Freelance, Commission / One-off