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The seeds of what was to become something simple were first sown 6 years ago, on a coach. Two little choirboys named Greg and Leo decided they would form a band, because they both liked Offspring. Fast forward to them both being at the same secondary school in year 7, and things seemed to be getting on track. 12 yr old Leo would play bass, 12 year old Greg with his two years of classical guitar lessons would play guitar and sing, their friend Nathan would play lead guitar, Nathan's friend Barney who no-one knew would drum, alongside the masterful Robbie (El Robbo) playing a 'custom percussion' kit built from beer kegs stolen from outside the front of the school, biscuit tins, and a set of DIY metal mesh shelves (a certain masked bands' influence maybe...). And of course, The band's good friend Jon was the dj! Gotta have a dj. The best 12yr old rock band ever was formed. The band was a bit rubbish. After going through many members and names - Nathan (and therefore barney) left, Olly came on drums, Antoni sung, Livvy and Ri sung, Jon left, Leo left, Eliza came Lester came, and many, many names - illustrated sickness, placid, emotional tramp, head charge, criminal damage, tribe, and lots of other pants ones, by year 9 the band seemed dead. After burning all his rock cds and buying lots of hip hop and garage, Leo decided he wanted to form a huge funk band with lots of saxes, guitars, bass, drums, piano etc. Funk and jazz had been always been a love of Leo's - thanks mainly to his gnarly five string double bass playing jazzer dad. It never really happened, but the idea stuck in Leo's head. Come start of year 10. Leo and Lester and Greg are in the same music set for GCSE and have been friends for a while. Their first assignment of GCSE music is 'play this blues song on this sheet' Leo with his prized alto, Lester with his prized bass, and Greg with his prized guitar, set about playing a blues tune with a difference - It has the sax melody from 'Pick Up The Pieces' by average white band. Greg has never heard of this 'funk' group, but likes them very much nonetheless. The three decide to have a jam with Olly drumming, who Greg and Lester had been jamming with for a while. Jam is enjoyed by all. By mid yr 10, they have quickly written two songs - dyslexic funk, and tango en mi barrio. Fast forward to June 2004 (yr 11), things have been getting on swell with a 6 song ep recorded live in one day, charity busking earning loads of money for good causes, and much fun being had by all. After witnessing the miracle that is ojos de brujo live, they decided they needed to get a few more people in, and decided a second guitarist would be a good place to start. Unfortunately they didn't really know anyone who they thought would fit in with the groups personalities and musical style. One day Greg Lester and Leo are sitting in drum room attempting to blast out a live drum and bass version of the Harry Potter theme tune. A guy from their music set who Leo knows a bit - Tom Shirm - enters the room. Do you play any instruments, fine sir? queries Greg. Why yes, I play the guitar actually! Greg gives Tom his guitar, and the 4 of them have a little jam, Tom is good, very good. The idea is put forward that Tom should join the band. Tom joins the band. It is good, very good. The five of them have a great time and immediately gel musically and personality wise. All that's left is for the band to achieve world domination with their mighty mighty pocket - after all, as every funkster worth his afro knows - you can't hold no groove if you ain't got no pocket. The most recent piece in the Something Simple puzzle came about in originally in September of 2004, when Callum, a fine fine friend of Leo and Greg's from their choir, the outstanding Finchley Children's Music Group came and sang the lead vocals on a cover of the Jackson 5 classic - Want You Back. Since then, Callum has continued to spread his fine vocal jam all over select Something Simple cuts, covers and originals, which if you have been lucky enough to experience, you'll agree makes for a delicious vibe.

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