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Manchester, United Kingdom

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Heather Lawrence

Underwater Portraits / Photography / Retoucher


'Absorption' is an underwater portrait collection inspired by dreams and the surreal. The natural element of water is a magnificent tool to encapture the surrealism of our dreams. People wear anything from the ordinary to the bizarre, enabling them to become immersed within their own imagination and identity. Exploring the subconscious with different archetypes, individual storytelling images emerge; the people are absorbed in what they are doing rather than posing for the camera. This ontological state becomes quite ethereal where fluid shapes and forms of clothed people are suspended in this space.

Underwater Portrait Photographer: Graduating from the University of Huddersfield with Photography BA (Hons)

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Absorption 41  The Shadow of Michelangelo Appears on her Thigh Outstanding


Underwater Portrait Photography

Specialising in underwater portrait photography 


BIPP (just been accredited!)

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British Institute of Professional Photography


I love to be quirky and different!

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To illustrate a children's book with underwater portraits. Advertising photography.

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Part-Time, Freelance, Commission / One-off