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Ian Wharton


Born in Preston 1985, from the earliest age I can remember I was drawing and scribbling on bits of paper. That evolved into a passion for design, I was soon designing cars and other childhood-related "cool" things. When I turned 7 my thirst to express creativity evolved to playing guitar. 13 years on, I am still playing. When I was around 12 I got my hands on a PC and "found" the earliest copies of photoshop. Eventually I fell into the web industry and began doing pro-bono sites for friends and friends of friends. As for my education I studied Graphic Design, Art and Design and Philosophy. I left top of the class in Graphics with my claim-to-fame 100% grade for the creative advertising module. When I turned 18 I set up a limited company called Liquideye Designs. ( Still running (now as Wharton Advertising) I manage and work on projects for clients doing web, print, branding, advertising and motion design. Currently studying Multimedia Design and Digital animation with Advertising at Cumbria Institute of the Arts, Carlisle. Summer 2006 I spent at Bloc Media in London as creative, and Easter 2007 will be spent at Code in Manchester as designer

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