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London, United Kingdom

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INGA Loyev

artist: painter / sculptor / photographer / writer / teacher


I am interested in painting not only because of its versatility as a medium but also because of its rich historical repository of images and ideas. By tracing the history of the figure in art I have learned and understood better the history of political events, shifts in spiritual beliefs and the tides of intellectual thought. Over the years of working with the body in drawing and painting, investigating the opportunities and revelations that arise, I have begun to understand myself and my place in society as a female, immigrant and artist. Currently, I am exploring the potential role that painting can play in interpretation and documentation of historical events. More specifically, I am investigating the possibilities of history painting in contemporary society, mainly its relationship to the impossibility of objectivity.

Born in Odessa, Ukraine Inga Loyeva immigrated to Tampa Bay, Florida with her family as political refugees at the age of ten. The integration into American culture was made possible with the help of Tampa Bay Jewish Community Center and Day School. At sixteen, she quit High School to go to college and received her BFA from New World School of the Arts in Miami. In 2007 Loyeva moved to Florence, Italy to study history and techniques of traditional painting. After the completion of a three year program at Angel Academy, she remained there working as principal drawing instructor and lecturer of an artistic anatomy course. In 2013 Loyeva moved to London to pursue her MFA at Central St Martins. In January 2014 I traveled to Kiev to photograph and interview protestors on Maydan and found myself on Hrushevskogo at the tipping point between peaceful protest and revolution. Since the return to my studio in London I have been exploring notions of history painting in contemporary art. At the same time, I continue to teach artistic anatomy and traditional painting techniques across Europe

What's Happening

To the absurd we respond with the absurd

Education / Qualifications

09/21/2005 - 06/13/2007

New World School of Art


BA Fine Art


Miami, Florida

Education / Qualifications

09/27/2013 - Present

Central St Martins School of Art


MA Fine Art


London, UK


09/16/2011 - 06/14/2013

angel academy of art


florence, italy


Traveling is key to quenching my curiosity


Broadening my perception of the world and discovering the different ways people live their lives.




I make sure to travel at least 3 months out of the year.

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studio/ public artist; teaching fundamental painting skills to artists wishing to realize their creative ideas

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