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London, United Kingdom

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IngibjorgEdda Jonsdottir


Due to the fact that my parents travelled, I rarely spent much time in one country. I studied Art & Design in GCSE's & A-levels in the British International School, but in Moscow and Berlin, respectively. I also travelled across Iceland, - my home country and lived in the US and Norway. Because of this, I was both exposed to many different cultures and ways of thinking, yet at the same time I was very isolated. So I became somewhat introspective and focused on very little besides my art (as well as having delusions about becoming the first female Guitar God, but I eventually gave that up). At that time, my art was mostly illustrative and perhaps even somewhat restrictive as my view was that anything that wasn't a literal image wasn't really art and I focused mainly on classical art with an almost allergic reaction to anything modern. When I studied art at Camberwell however, my eyes were opened to new things and I tried everything with an ecstatic sense of freedom. I managed to focus the direction my work was taking into it's own distinctive style and voice. Influences include Dali, Munch, and my less obvious influences such as those from film, illustrations, and anything I see and experience.

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The Apartment acrylic on canvas

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