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London, United Kingdom

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Jaeeun Shin


My work can be recognisable by its variety of transformable and interchangeable forms, by the idea of repetition and for its simplicity. A simple pattern has a great potential to transforms itself into a myriad of complex images simply by repetition. The continuity in space of this repeated simple pattern creates orientation and movement, drawing the attention of the viewer to its rhythmic flow. I seek to maximise the visual impact further by layering and overlapping and by using the flexibility of the material to mould around the body. My paper jewellery is designed for creating multiple shapes by bending, wrapping and twisting the piece and placing them in relation to the body. I have synthesised my jewellery with fashion elements and contemporary architectures to produce sculptural piece which are more statement and less practical on a daily bases. Therefore I have also designed small production pieces, which I call souvenirs, which quietly reflect the larger pieces. My souvenirs invite the spectator to get involved in making and playing with their own jewellery. I have created pre-cut postcards which can be pressed out into a shape of ring which can be formed into either a bracelet or a necklace when it linked. I like to play with the concept of what is and is not precious about jewellery.

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Repetition 2010
Repetition 2010
Repetition 2010

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