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Northwich, United Kingdom

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James Barnes

James Barnes


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Chester Underground Music Scene Documentary  Rough Cut
Abandon Silence Motor City Drum Ensemble  Jeremy Underground Paris


07/01/2015 - Present

Freelance Director / Cinematographer / Editor

Freelance Filmmaker covering many different genres including music festivals / events, coorporate, documentaries, fiction etc.


07/01/2015 - Present

the mango club



the mango club is an arts & media collective based in Chester, England who host a monthly party based around contemporary dance music.

Held inside the 200 capacity tudor built loft space at The Compass, a strong sound-system provides the catalyst to a special atmosphere, perfect to immerse in once a month in the hidden North-West city.

A collective of creatives in art, music and fashion, the mango club funds projects through a monthly party in its home city of Chester to offer a platform for its members pursuing careers in the creative industry. 

Currently in the process of a documentary focusing on the italian party Harmonized, a small, low population in Italy which has a very strong underground music scene with bookings such as Marcel Dettmann, Nina Kraviz, Steffi & Virginia, Jeff Mills and many more.



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