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JJ Rosa

JJ Rosa

Singer / song-writer and musician


I'm a singer, song-writer and musician from Manchester/Stockport. I am signed with S-Curve Records US (Universal Distributions) and licensed to Warner Bros records in the UK. My music generally combines heavy hiphop and upbeat grooves, soulful vocals and melodies, rocky guitar riffs and highlights of funk! I have an amazing band and due to release our debut album this year.

My name is JJ Rosa, formerly Jessie Rose and I am a singer, song-writer and musician from Manchester/Stockport. Myself and my band (Jimmy Wood and Marky "VT" Lewis) are signed with S-Curve Records over in the US for a worldwide deal and are now also licensed to Warner Bros Records here in the UK. We're due to release our first official album this year as well as a live and studio EP in the next couple of months. My main instrument is the electric guitar but I was also trained classically on the piano. The music I write spans over a few genres but the ones that come through predominantly are soul/rock/hiphop and bits of funk mainly from the guitar. This year we have a lot of exciting things on the cards so watch this space...

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10/03/2008 - 10/03/2008

Quotes by Bless Beats and Damian Gough (Badly Drawn Boy)



“I felt Jessie Rose had two really strong songs that she entered in the competition. I like them both. She has got very strong music, very talented, produced well and it ticks all the boxes. The first thing I would say it sounds like – Amy Winehouse – old and jazzy, but she’s tried to bring it into today.” Bless Beats NOISE Curator Urban Music, 2008 (Producer for Wiley etc)

“It’s a kind of straight forward pop song, melodic and immediately catchy and she’s got a nice voice as well so it just ticked all the boxes of a no-nonsense kind of song. I think she’s quite young to be producing music that sounds that established - it’s quite incredible really. It’s got a great hook line in it and she’s got a great voice to carry the song.” Badly Drawn Boy NOISE Curator Music, 2008 (Mercury Music Prize Winner)


10/03/2008 - 10/03/2008

Article in MEN 2008- 'Musician Topped For Top by Badly Drawn Boy!'



After winning the 'Curators Choice Award' this article appeared in the MEN

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JJ Rosa Gig Review- HIVE Radio


The Deaf Institute LIVE EP Filming & Recording Show, Manchester

A review that was written about our big show at The Deaf Institute in Manchester


01/01/2013 - 01/02/2013

JJ Rosa Interview with TAIL Magazine

My interview with TAIL Magazine. A seriously cool up and coming music and fashion magazine, check it out...


02/01/2013 - 02/02/2013

JJ Rosa 'New Band Up North' Guardian Review



An interview I did with Emily Brinnand from The Guardian. She chose me to be featured on her 'New Band Up North' article in Feb of this year.


Playing Guitar

I picked up an electric guitar when I was about 14 so a lot later than when I started learning piano. I skipped acoustic which in guitar world is apparently 'against the rules' because you should always learn on an acoustic for technical reasons (the action is generally higher so slightly harder to play therefore making you learn the hard way, which annoyingly is better in the long run!) but being only 14 and on the verge of teenage rebellion I didn't really care and just ended up going against the grain (don't think it's damaged me too much!). I taught myself for a good few years and then had a few lessons at college. The best teacher I ever had though was Jimi Hendrix, partly the reason why I picked up a guitar in the first place, that and the fact I'd started to get in to the 'dark side' of music i.e. rock!

I was always a bit of a Tom boy growning up so there was a part of me that wanted to learn and become good at playing the electric guitar because it was such a male dominated instrument. I wanted to almost prove that a girl could rock out just as hard! Become the modern day, white version of Sister Rosetta Tharpe!


 (Photo by Karen Mcbride)

Education / Qualifications

03/01/2006 - 09/01/2008

B-TEC for Music Performance at City College, Manchester





Noise Achievement


My 'Curator Choice' Award with NOISE

Back in 2008 I won the Curator's Choice award for a song I uploaded on to the NOISE website. I was over the moon about it because I had only really just started doing my thing as an unsigned artist. It presented incredible opportunities too including having the unbelievable chance of performing live on stage with Badly Drawn Boy's Damian Gough.  Such an achievement considering I'd only just started my journey in music!





I've been song-writing since I was about 7 years old. I think my first tune was called 'Family' which sadly enough was a song about my plea to my family to never leave me on my own! A rather insecure child really...

I absolutely adore writing songs though. It's an incredible therapy for just taking your mind away elsewhere. Being able to let out your emotions through music and lyrics is amazing and keeps me sane I think! It's sounds cheesy as hell I know but I'm sure any song-writer would agree!!

As much as I hope i'll be performing live for many many years to come I hope i'll be writing for even longer!


Grade 8 Classical Piano

Believe it or not this was a snap of me playing Freddie Mercury's grand piano at the amazing Metropolis Studios in London. Probably one of THE most incredible experiences of my life!!



I've been technically singing all my life but never had the confidence to put myself in the lime light in order to show anyone. I kept my singing under wraps for my whole child hood pretty much! I started realising I was quite good at it and perhaps should consider taking it more seriously and 'showing off' a bit when I was about 14 when I started writing my own tunes. Not long after picking up a guitar I began singing my own tunes to people and it all took off from there really!




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