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Columbus, Ohio, USA

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Jon Malis


As a photographer, I spend enough of my life behind the viewfinder, and don't want my personal relationships to be remembered as such. So how do I document my life without always carrying my camera? My work explores a documentation of my life and the events that shape it, relying on remnants and memories of my daily being. A discarded coffee cup becomes a reminder of not only an absolute time/event that was but also a greater addiction. Exposed liquid emulsion reminds that people have the innate ability to change over time. A metal canister which once held a roll of film as an artifact to the memories contained within the film. By using objects synonymous with my everyday life and activities as a documentation of my life, stories and experiences, I hope to construct a narrative not unlike the documentary picture story I've been trained to tell. But by replacing the narrative figure with the abstract, my stories become less about my person and more about my stories and life.

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