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Hadleigh, United Kingdom

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Jonathan Kipps


"Paintings are objects and you need to see them. They speak the language of objects. They speak the language of a physical thing"? (Ian Davenport, 1991) I use painting materials to create sculptural art objects that are part of the viewers' space. Canvas is stretched over wooden structures and layers of oil and acrylic paint are built up. I am interested in the idea of using paint for its material qualities. The final stage of my process involves pouring turpentine over the work, removing sections of the oil paint, with little control from my own hand. The properties of paint can be married with the structure of a piece through allowing the pigment to take its own course over the surface. However in doing so the possibility of failure in each piece becomes imminent as the limits of this process are pushed. Tension is created between the unpredictable element in this final stage and the controlled making process that has previously taken place. The 'moment' created in the movement of pigment as the top layers are eroded from the surface is fundamental as it introduces a trace of time into the work.

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