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York, United Kingdom

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Josiah Mortimer

Guitar / harmonica / vocals.


Radical folk for an angry, young and precarious generation.

Josiah Mortimer is a radical acoustic singer-songwriter based in York and Cornwall. Josiah recorded his first EP at the age of 16, and has performed around both Cornwall -where he grew up - and more recently in York where he is a Politics student. His second EP, Bonfire Songs, consists of four songs of love and protest, and can be downloaded for free from his SoundCloud account, along with all his other music, which is published on a Creative Commons licence. Now 20, Josiah is performing more and more around Yorkshire, and has played at the Luddite Festival, TakeOver Festival, the Gathering, and Radical Cabaret, as well as featuring in the NOISE Art of Protest exhibition. In the past he has performed at venues as varied as the Eden Project, to pubs, community halls and elsewhere. Josiah is inspired by the legends of radical folk - Bob Dylan, Peete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Billy Bragg and others. You can read more about what got him into both politics and music in an interview with York Vision here:

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Live and Overcome  An Acoustic Tribute to Chavez
As the Winter Howls
Bonfire Song

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