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Sreatham, London, United Kingdom

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Karl-Oskar Olsson


Well as a humorous no-body, I feel, at points, resourceful. I am studying Ba FineArt at Chelsea College of Art and Design second year, New Media which I find enormously engaging and interesting. I have a big passion for Art, Philosophy and Film i.e. things I pretend to know about but am struggling to learn about. I love to perform and my artistic practice is directed towards performance as a contemporary pathway. However I also love drawing and find lots of wonderful things flicking through old books. As a person I think I am rather joyful but driving and love to engage with projects passionately. And to finally to concrete all this with some few names I enjoy the work of, Bas Jan Ader, Bertolt Brecht, Samuel Beckett, Hans-George Gadamer, (?) Majakovskij and The Marx brothers.

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