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Manchester, United Kingdom

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Kathryn Griffiths

Watercolours / Doodles / Concepts and Narratives /


Illustrator who wishes to bring a smile through her watercolour drawings full of personality, colour and energy

General Illustrator, effective with traditional media, particulary watercolours and specialises in narratives for children, concepts and narratives

What's Happening

Icarus The Boy Who Flew Too High  Front Cover


Excellent Working Pattern

In relation for to my Illustrative work thus far:

Professional practice that has shown to be hardworking, productive and reliable, clear understanding of design concepts and process', efficient and good communicator in response, open to suggestions/constructive criticisms and flexable in approach, quick turn around with consistant and appropriate artwork as and when needed


In relation to my other work experiences and being a student I have transferable skills including:

Communication through customer service and good working relationships,can work independantly when needed, punctual, patience, an understanding attitude, reliabilty at completing tasks set before me that are completed on time, will ask for feedback and assistance when necessary and organisation and presentation in a tidy manner.



Efficient Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai skills

Watercolours are my main working method, however I can use digital art programs with a pen tablet for programs such as Paint Tool Sai to produce artwork and Photoshop for editing, effects and clean up as and when needed to good effect. Should you wish to view my digital pieces you can do so via my website:


07/01/2013 - 07/05/2013

New Designers - 2013




London, UK

After finishing my final year I took part in New Designers 2013 along with my other classmates to showcase our work. It provided a platform for new/recent graduates to set up their pieces and meet not only potential clients for the future, but to meet like minded artists who are also starting out. I can say that even if I wasn't showing my work, New  Designers is a great show to attend! There was a lot of inspiration to take in and getting to know certain names for the future was very useful. It was here that I met the representatives at Gold Word Publishing who published my adaption for that year 'Icarus: The Boy Who Flew Too High'. So overall it was a fun experience that provided a great opportunity, if not to showcase I at least hope to go and visit again in the future.

Copper and Tinsel

Education / Qualifications

09/26/2010 - 06/30/2013

Glyndwr University: North Wales School of Art and Design


BA Honours: Design Communication: General Illustration


Wrexham, Wales

I originally started my first year within Art Foundation and after experimenting through different media I found myself choosing to specify within Illustration in my second year. It is through this course that I was able to fully develop a personal style and after passing with 2:2 was able to showcase my work at New Designers located in London in 2013 along with other graduates.


Can be deathly silent and talk your ear off the next


Works both in traditional AND digital methods to produce art


still a softie for watercolours though


Can think of too many silly ideas for 'fun' that ends up leading to stupidly good ones

Dream Job

Illustrator with part time work if needed

Work Availability

Available for

Full-Time, Part-Time, Freelance, Commission / One-off