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Cheltenham, United Kingdom

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Katy Watts

I'm a screenprinter.


I'm an artist.

YTAK aka Katy Watts is a self-taught artist from the UK, though she has had some art school training. Katy creates colourful and bright art. Included in her work are many imaginary creatures and townscapes. It is her hope that the viewer can ‘step into’ these works, leaving behind everyday worries and anxieties. That for a brief moment they can be transported to a world of colour and possibilities. Katy likes to keep her work playful. Drawing is central to Katy’s work. She likes to combine traditional media with digital drawing software. Katy is inspired by lots of things, mostly by other artists. She also loves music and finds a huge amount of inspiration there. Generally though, she finds people themselves to be inspiring and interesting.

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